Sept. 26, 2022: The Lost Bay Regatta / Point Yacht Club cruise, scheduled for Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, is canceled. Even though we are far away from Tampa, the southern end of the bay has gale warnings in effect through Friday morning, and even Saturday the marine forecast calls for 25-30kt gusts.  Anyone who wants to go can, of course, still go, but I’m canceling the ‘organized cruise’ for this weekend.  We’ll plan something else soon.

April 2022

Greetings to All Cruisers … whether sailboat or power boat!

Join us to revamp our cruising fleet. We have some fantastic cruising and anchorages along the coast, and we should be enjoying them more and more. Some cruises planned for 2022 are:

May 27-30: Memorial Day weekend to Pelican Bay, Dauphin Island
July 6-10: Blue Angels Beach Show in July
Aug. 27-28: Overnight in Dog River in August, with a late lunch or early dinner at MYC
Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Long weekend at Ingram’s Bayou and a visit with our friends at Point YC in late Sept/early Oct
Nov. 9-13: Blue Angels Homecoming Show in November
Date TBD: Open Boat and Cruisers Party in December

Other cruising options discussed recently are:

Training Day in the Bay. Not sure you’re comfortable rafting alongside someone? Not sure you’re comfortable with how much rode and chain to put out at anchor? Not sure you’re comfortable taking your boat out of the slip if the wind is more than 10kts? We have people who can help with these and other issues. The thought is to pick a nice day, go out to the vicinity of the X mark, raft up or anchor, maybe put out some marks to resemble a pier/slip and help those who are uncomfortable. We think you’ll find many things aren’t as difficult as you might have imagined. You could come back in at sunset or stay at anchor overnight.

Cruise to Tarklin Bayou (Perdido Bay). Perhaps spend one night at anchor in Ingram’s Bayou and the next night in Tarklin Bayou – or visa-versa (these bayous are close to each other and offer great anchorages).

Cruise up Mobile River, overnight at the Bluegill.
Cruise to the Mississippi Sound.

All cruises are, of course, weather dependent. Some may get postponed or canceled, some may be shortened or extended, and then there will probably be some ‘pop-up’ cruises, as in we look at the weather on a Tuesday and see that it is going to be a great weekend for a quick cruise to Dauphin Island or other destination.

So many possibilities … so little time.

If you’d like to get added to the cruising email list, have suggestions for cruises, or have any questions, please contact me at or at 251-895-0993.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the water.

Cathy Cromartie
FYC Cruising Chair

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