During the late 1930’s, various property owners, along with their friends, met regularly on the banks of Bayou Volanta, as it was known, to enjoy the cool waters. There was swimming, fishing, visiting, picnicking and above all boating of all types. Under the leadership of Otto Wadewitz these families decided to formalize their association.

Three of the families, Wadewitz, Godard and Berglin donated property and in May of 1942 these men and others officially incorporated the group in the name of Fairhope Yacht Club with the intent of fostering an interest in all types of boating. In the papers of incorporation they stated that “the purpose of Fairhope Yacht Club is to support and encourage the sport of yachting, including sailing, racing, power boating, and cruising; to provide good fellowship among its Members and to encourage good sportsmanship and boating safety”.

A small clay tile building on the property served as the first clubhouse. Additions followed throughout the next decades. The creek was dredged so that boats no longer had to wait until high tide to enter or leave the creek. And over the years, a safe harbor for boats and boaters was developed.

Fairhope Yacht Club joined the Gulf Yachting Association in 1944 and has continued to grow and improve and to provide enjoyment and recreation for its members.

Promoting the sport of sailing