Weather Station Notes

Following is a BRIEF note on how to connect your WIndows, Android and iOS device to the X-Mark Weather Station.

First you must realize that the X-Mark Weather Station is NOT located at the X-Mark out in the bay. It was moved to just inside the entrance to the marina. Look out toward the gazebo and you will see a red light – that is the location of the X-Mark Weather Station. This was done due to maintenance reasons.

Windows – any version

Using the following URL ( create a Shortcut on your desktop.

Mobile devices

Android device – Go to the Google Play store and download the app. Search for “weatherlink” or “Davis Weatherlink” and install the app on your android device. After installed click on the screen to go to the next screen that has a circle (gear) in the lower left. Click the gear to go to the next screen. On this screen click the + symbol in the upper left to go to the search for a new site. Enter “fyc” or “Fairhope Yacht Club” and search for either of these names. Select the Fairhope Yacht Club and click Done in the upper right. When you select the app icon on your Android device select Fairhope Yacht Club. Click the “I” in the lower right of the screen to configure your display.

iOS device – Good Luck. First get a real device (Android). Supposedly the app is in the Apple Store – however it does not seem to be? I used an iPad to attempt to download the app but could not find it. I have not tried an iPhone! This web site may help you. If you go to this link you can scan the QR code and the app will be immediately downloaded to your iPhone. The other way to access the Station is to simply use the URL specified in the Windows section above.

I will be looking into this aspect of accessing the Station and will update this post when I get a definitive answer. BTW – spent quite some time on the phone to Davis Tech Spt on this issue – they could not get it either!

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